Using GitHubGist with Sublime Text 2

Installing Sublime Package Control

How to install Package Control

Installing Gist in Sublime Text 2

cmd+shift+p and type gist to install Gist.

Create a new Gist account

Create a new account

This account is primary for your Sublime Text 2 Gist.


Preferences > Browse Packages > Gist > Gist.sublime-settings

Add your info.

Read this

Adding Gist

Highlight lines of code and cmd+shift+p to open the command pallete and type, create. This will show

Gist: Create Public Gist

Give a Gist description with Type: name. This makes it easy to sort and categorize.

HTML: Starting template

Pulling Gist

cmd+shift+p > Gist or ctr+cmd+g

Gist: Open Gist

This will show all your Gists.

Copy it and paste it to your code.

Update Gist

Open your Gist file by Pulling Gist. Update your codes. cmd+shift+p and type gist update.

Gist: Update File

Open your Gist in a browser

cmd+shift+p and type gist browser

Gist: Open Gist in Browser

Fork others Gist and using it

After forking edit the name with Type: description for filtering.

Written on June 14, 2013