Styling your Terminal

oh my zsh

Type in terminal

curl -L | sh

Restart the terminal

Now create a dir

mkdir test
cd test
git init
cd ..
cd test
// it will give the git repo 
git add . //ever there is no file to add, just for example
// it will give all the option list
git commit -(click tab to show all the options)


To use: Set ZSH_THEME in ~/.zshrc to blinks, and set up Solarized.

vim ~/.zshrc

Set up Solarized

Clone github or Download ZIP and open it in Finder and click Solarized Dark xterm-256color.terminal. > xterm-256color > Solarized Dark xterm-256color.terminal

Go to terminal preferences > settings > Solarized Dark change font size 13

Then change back ZSHTHEME="blinks" to ZSHTHEME="robbyrussell"

Go to the terminal preferences setting to make Solarized Dark the default setting.

In order to use transparency in full scree, you need to use iTerm. oh-my-zsh is already installed in iTerm. Go to the downloaded solarized

solarized / iterm2-colors-solarized / and click Solarized Dark.itermcolors

After successful installation of theme, go to iTerm preferences Profile to set up a new profile.

  • Click + to add a new profile. Shin's Profile.
  • Go to Keys and add ctrl+cmd+t to Hotkey. Tick Show/hide iTerms 2 with a system-wide hotkey.
  • Then to go color and load Presets to select Solarized Dark.
  • Under Text tab to change the size of font.
  • Under Window tab, change transparency
  • Go to General in the main menu and uncheck Use Lion-style Fullcreen windows
  • Go back to profile and under Other Actions, set as Default
  • Close iTerm and reopen it.

cmd+enter will change to full screen and hotkey to show/hide. ctrl+cmd+t.

Written on June 10, 2013